Speech at 5th October 2018


Hubert Karl

Speech: Ultrarunning

Place: Hotel Rappen in Rothenburg

Time: from 7:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. (after the Potato Party)

Hubert Karl:

  • Hubert Karl is Mister Spartathlon. He holds the Record with 20 Finishes of the Spartathlon, the most difficult Ultrarace in the world.
  • He is the only runner who did all three most difficult Races in lower than 30 hours:                                                               Spartathlon: 246 km, 36 Degree, 2.900 m up, in 28:59 hours      Sakuramichi: 250 km, 31 Degree, 2.800 m up, in 28.10 hours Badwater: 217 km, 49 Degree, 4.200 m up, in 29:30 hours

Speech Part 1: (30 Minutes)

The most three difficult Ultras in the World

  • Spartathlon (Greek, 246 km nonstop)
  • Sakuramichi (Japan, 250 km nonstop)
  • Badwater (USA, 217 km nonstop)

How it works, to finish these races below 30 Hours

Speech Part 2: (30 Minutes)

Running and Eating

How running did improved my Live, and how I developed my own Food

Speech Part 3: (30 Minutes)

Ultrarunning Training

How I do the training, to be able to run Spartathlon with 60 Years age


Hubert Karl at a speech

Hubert Karl wrote a very interesting Book about his live and Ultrarunning

Hubert Karls Book

The Link to Hubert Karls Book:



Hubert Karl running the Spartathlon

Hubert Karl running the Sakuramichi


Hubert Karl running the Badwater