Speech at 6th October 2017


Motivation-Technology for Ultrarunning

How to expant to yourself

From: Michele Ufer and Florian Reus


Place: Hotel Rappen in Rothenburg

Time: from 7:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. (after the Potato Party)

Speech 1: Michele Ufer

How many Head is in your feets? Or: Mental Training for Ultrarunner


Speech 2: Florian Reus:

How I became the winner of the World Champion in the 24 h race, and the Spartathlon

How I realized my dreams with the "Never give up Mentality"

Michel Ufer:

Dr. Michel Ufer is an Ultra-Runner, Race Director (TrailDorado 24 hour Trail-Race), Sport Psychologist and Book Writer.

In his Speeches, Seminars and Research-Projects, Michele works on psycholgical Success Strategies for Sport- and Business Performance, in accordance with high pressure and extreme environments. The benefit is Motivation, Mental Strength and resistance to Stress, Health and Harmony.


In his Speech, Michele will take us in mind to a desert stage race, to explain the use of his Strategies, who leads into an unusual strong Motivation and Performance.   

Florian Reus:

Florian is one of the actual best Ultrarunners in the world.

In Turin 2015 he won the world champion 24-hour race, with a distance of 263,899 km. In the same year, he also won of the most difficult Ultra Race, the Spartathlon in Greek at a distance of 246 km from Athen to Sparta (in 23:17 hour), after he was before two times on Place second.


Florian will take us to a tourney in the Ultra Race Running and will explain how he gets motivated to work for. This is pure Faszination of Ultra-Running.