Speech at 4th October 2019


Achim Heukemes

Speech: Ultrarunning

Place: Hotel Rappen in Rothenburg

Time: from 7:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. (after the Potato Party)

Achim Heukenes:

  • Achim Heukenes is since 32 years in performance sport and since 22 years a professional Ultra Athlet in Running, Triathlon and Duathlon
  • He did three records in continent crossings like Europe: 5.735 km in 55 days, Australia: 4.568 km in 43 days, USA double cross, Germany: 1.159 km in 6 days
  • He hold the German Records in 48 h, 6 Days and 1.000 km and 1.000 Miles.
  • He hold world records in the Age Group 50 for the 1.000 km, 1.000 miles and 6 day run
  • Achim did the Triathlon Ironman in a 10 time non-stop version

Speech Part 1: (30 Minutes)

My live as Ultrarunner

Speech Part 2: (30 Minutes)

Running and Eating

How running did improved my live, and how I developed my food system

Speech Part 3: (30 Minutes)

Ultrarunning Training

How I do the training, to be able to run Ultras with 60 years age


Achim Heukemes