Corona 2020

The Ultrarace Taubertal 100 in October 2020 is cancelled, caused by Corona.

The situation of the Corona Virus is incalculable. Therefore, we cancel the race in 2020.

The next issue of the Taubertal 100 is at 2th October 2021.

Virtual Corona Run of Taubertal 100:

We offer from 15th July until 4th October 2020, to run the Taubertal 100 distance of 50km, 71km, 100km and 100 miles, free of charge, in individual responsibility by carrying own food/drinks with you. Your running result will be published and ranked at the website of Taubertal 100.

Additional we offer an outstanding challenge: The Duo-, Triple- and Quattro Run.

You will be a Quattro-Finisher, if you run all 4 distances within 15th July and 4th October. The results of all 4 runs will be summerized. Same procedure for the Duo- and Triple run.

Signage of the Tracks:

For the Virtual Corona Taubertal 100, the road is marked at each km with yellow street color from km 1 to km 161. The GPS map data are on the homepage for download at "GPS-Map". Furthermore, signs from the bike road are placed along the track.

Restaurants along the track from km 10 to km 161

Restaurants and gas stations along the track
Restaurants an der Strecke Taubertal 100 von km 10 bis 161.pdf (124.16KB)
Restaurants and gas stations along the track
Restaurants an der Strecke Taubertal 100 von km 10 bis 161.pdf (124.16KB)

Partizipation rule:

The Virtual Corona Run must be done at the original track. The start is in Rothenburg and finish for 50km in Bad Mergentheim, 71km in Tauberbischofsheim, 100km in Wertheim and 100 Miles in Gemünden-Adelsberg.


The participate of the Virtual Corona Run Taubertal 100 is free of charge.

Qualification to participate:

There is no qualification necessary. Each runner takes part in self responsibility.

Timescale for running the Virtual Corona Run:

from 15th July to 4th October 2020

Limit Time or Cut Off times:

There are no limit times or cut offs for the Virtual Corona Run

Start number:

Participants of the Taubertal 100 in 2021 can run with their start number. The start number will be sent by e-mail after request.

Results of the Virtual Corona Run:

The individual result of the run should be sent with the GPS documentary, or by a result without GPS documentary with a picture of the watch result and name of a voucher. Following data should be sent by e-mail: Last Name, First Name, Club, City, Nation, Sex, Year of Birth, Running Date, Distance, Running-Time.

List of running results:

The results of the Virtual Corona Run Taubertal 100 will be placed in a separate result-list and published at the Homepage of Taubertal 100. The running time of each distance will be documented and placed by ranking. It is welcome to run several distances, also several times of the same distance. By running same distance several time, only the best result will be listed.

Additional to the individual runs, the list of results includes the Double-, Triple- and Quattro Finisher ranking.

The Quattro Run, the ultimate Corona-Challenge

Ultra-Runners will be Quattro-finisher who will finish all 4 distances 50km, 71km, 100km and 100 miles, as 4 individual runs from 15th July to 4th October. These runners will be placed additional in the result list, with the summery of their total time for all 4 races.

The Triple- and Duo Run:

Ultra Runners with the finish of each distance 50 km, 71km and 100 km, will be Triple Finisher.

Duo Finisher will be Ultra Runners with the finish of each distance 50km and 71km.

Certificate and Medal for the Virtual Corona Run:

At demand it is possible to supply a certificate and special medal for the Virtual Corona Run. The fee for the certificate with medal is 25 € up to 100km and 40 € for 100-mile runners (for the additional buckle).

The payment address is the registration bank account.

Results of the Virtual Corona Run Taubertal 100 in 2020:

In summery 54 Ultrarunners finished the virtual Corona run Taubertal 100. At the 50 km-race 23 runners, the 71km race 9 runners, the 100km race 19 runners and at the 100mile race 3 runners finished this challenge.

The Duo race with the combination 50km and 71km finished 6 runners, the Triple race with combination 50km, 71km and 100km finished 4 runners. And finally, the top challenge, the Quattro race, combined with the 50km, 71km, 100km and 100mile race finished two runners.