GPS Live-Tracking

We will offer for all Runners a GPS Live-Tracking, free of charge. So it will be able to watch the race live at a Smart Phone or Computer and see the positon of each runner. The positions get updated every 20 seconds.

Therefore, the runners wear a small GPS Pager (70 x 25 mm) with a weight of only 26 Gramm in a belt.


GPS Pager and Belt

Live-Tracking for Runner:

Every 100 Mile Runner receive at the check-in a GPS pager and a belt.

The runner can see by Smartphone his own position to other runners, and also the road track. After the race, he can see by "Replay Modus" his race at the Computer.

Live Tracking for Public and Staff:

The public can few the race live at the computer or smart phone, see the global race or select special Runners with positions. (Klick-Selection in the Menu)

An individual Runner position can be followed at the map during the race.

To find a special Runner, just select his name on the right side of the task menu, then his name is marked blue colored on the map. In this position, you can`t move the map, the map will follow the Runner. Press again on the name right, then the map is movable in size and position.

The Race-Organization, Staff and the Checkpoint-Team are able to see the upcoming runners.

The ranking of the Runners for each race distance is also listed in the manue and get updated every two seconds.


Press first the Hyper Link and then the arrow

This fits for Android Systems, Apple, Chrome, Mozilla, Firefox u.s.o.


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