Ultramarathon Training


The basic requirement for a 50 km-, 71 km- or 100 km-race is a Sub 5 hour marathon with at least three month of ultramarathon-specific training, or any ultra-distance equivalent to 100 km in 15 hours.


You can find detailed information about ultramarathon training, along with 14 different training plan for 50 km-, 70 km-, 100 km and 100 miles, in my book "Das große Buch vom Ultramarathon" Volume 3. 






















Contens: Equipment, Training Plans, Nutrition, Race Reports 




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Universal Training-Plans for the Taubertal 100:

actuated: 1-16

100 Mile-Training Plan:




100 km-Training-Plan:





70 km Training-Plan:





50 km Training-Plan: