Some Hotels are reserved for Runners, and only available with the code-word "Runner of the Ultra-Race Taubertal 100"

Rothenburg: Rappen & Linde,

Wertheim: Bronnbacher Hof & Malerwinkel & Schwan & Wertheimer Stuben, Gemünden: Koppen & Schäffer & Linde


Low Budget Participants:

In Rothenburg there is a Youth Hospital (low rates) and in Wertheim is a Sport-Hall with free of charge staying (all you need is a sleeping bag).




Tourisms Office Rothenburg and Hotel search:  Link


Cooperating Hotels in Rothenburg: 

Hotel Rappen  Link


Booking is only possible with the Password "Participant of Taubertal 100"




Free of charge Sport-Hall in Wertheim

Hotel Rappen at the "Galgen-Tor"


More Hotels are available in the near surrounding of Rothenburg like Creglingen, Markelsheim and Bad Mergentheim.



Tourisms Office Wertheim: Link  

Hotel Overview Wertheim: Link 


Cooperating Hotels in Wertheim:

Hotel Schwan  Link

Hotel Am Malerwinkel  Link

Hotel Wertheimer Stuben  Link

Hotel Bronnbacher Hof  Link


Hotel Schwan in Wertheim 

Hotels in Gemünden:

Hotel Koppen  Link

Hotel Schäffer  Link

Gesthouse zur Linde  Link

Hotel Koppen in Gemünden