200 km Race

By celebration of the 10th year Taubertal 100, 

we will hold additional a 200 km Race

The 200 km race is conform to the 100 Mile race, up to km 160.
The cut-off times are identical to the 100 Mile race, means 26 hours at km 160.  For the additional 40 km distance, the 200 km runner will get another 6 hours extra.

200 km Runners who do not want to continue and rather finish at 100 Miles, are free to do that.

After km 160, the 200 km track follows a bicycle road along the Main River via Karlstadt to Zellingen at km 180. Zellingen (km 180) is the way back point to Adelsberg, the common finish line of 100 Miles and 200km.

Food & Drinks
Until km 150 the original Checkpoints will be used from the 100 Mile race.  Up to km 160 to km 200, every 10 km will have a Checkpoint for self-service with food & drinks. Drinks will be Water, Apple Juice, Electrolyte, Beer and Tea. Food will be Mushed Potato, Fruit, Chia and Cookies.

Limit Time:
The Limit Time for 200 km is 32 hours

The personal 200 km-finish time is calculable with the actual 100 km-time x 2,6

Same as 100 Mile runners

Qualification (one of it):
100 km: Sub 12:00 h, 24 hour: more than 170 km, 100 miles: sub 22:40 hours

Track Profile:

same as 100 Miles, plus 2 x 20km flat along the Main river

Every finisher will get a 200 km Medal and Certificate

Cup Trophy:
The first three men and woman will get a cup trophy

Back transport:
At 3 p.m. is a back transport by bus in Gemünden. A Shuttle from the finish line to Gemünden is given

   200km track at Komoot

Calculation 200km finish-time for Ultra-Runners

Basic for the finish-time calculation is a min. 3 month training for the 200km distance and to meet an actual äquivalent-performance to another long distance.

To reach the 200km Finish-Line requires to run slowly from the beginning.

The Success or non-success belongs to the speed in the beginning.

For example: a runner who is qualified for the 200km in 30 hours, do not run faster than 6:30 hours in the first 50km. This feels very, very slow but is right to finish this long distance in time. If the runner keep the 6:30h and meets further the recommended split times, than he nearly has the guarantee the finish in 30 hour, or even faster.

200km Split Times